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::: Mon, Mar 31st

We've made an unbelielable discovery for you guys out there. An amazing book that will double your dating.   Read More

::: Tue, Apr 1st
The Kwicherbichen Bikini website will be undergoing an overhaul in the near future & is seeking a great site designer. If you are interested please refer to our contact page & submit your work.   

::: Tue, February 4th
A special thanks to our friends at Meridian Graphics for the excellent job they did with our print request.
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Bikini Babe Melissa The newest bikini team member is Melissa.

You absolutely have to see how beautiful our newest member really is. She has a stunning smile, awesome attitude, and unbelievably fit body we just couldn't go wrong accepting her into the fold of the bikini team. To see Melissa's page click the link and enjoy.
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Kwicherbichen Bikini Team !

Bikini Team
Welcome to the official home of the Kwicherbichen Bikini Team.

To learn more about the bikini team and our activities take a look around our website. This website is a few years old and we are looking into a new version. To keep you more up to date with check out our Facebook page and give us a "Like". In the mean time check out the very hot bikini models of the Kwicherbichen Bikini Team. We also opened a fan page on MySpace and one on


Kendra Wilkinson in a bikini on a boat The Kwicherbichen Bikini Team was an idea that spun off of a hot boat website called "Kwicherbichen". The website was the first of it's kind to offer features about hot boats, hot babes, and boat drinks. As it turned out the bikini babes seemed to be the best feature of the website.

The original team was 5 models and wasn't meant to be much more than a promotinal gimick but word spread quickly and there were more requests to join the team than could be handled.        read more

:: Kwicherbichen Bikini Team was the largest working bikini team in the world with over 25 members in 2 states.

:: The Kwicherbichen Bikini Team had Kendra Wilkinson, now married to Hank Basket and star of her own sex tape, 'Kendra Exposed'.

:: "Kwicherbichen" is a play on a combination of the following words: "quit-your-bitching". The concept is slightly modeled after the Swedish Bikini Team

:: Our bikini team has a former Miss Arizona and Miss Teen America.

Bikini Babe Heather Keckler Heather is our member in the spotlight.

Doesn't Heather just make your toes curl? Heather's beauty is obvious but what some of you may not know is she was Miss Arizona a few short years ago. Find out what else there is to know about this unbelievably smokin hot blonde from the sunny state of Arizona. We promise she won't disappoint.

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