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Heather models for 98KUPD Radio Promos

We also do radio station promotion and if you add it with babes washing cars the turn out will be unbelievable.

Car Washes
Bikini Babe car wash
Bikini Babes washing cars
is certain to attain superior results

There is almost no promotion in the world that has the impact, excitement, and draw like a bikini car wash. Imagine cars lined up around the corner waiting to get their shot at being washed by hot babes in bikinis. If you want to go big you need to talk to us.

Who do car washes work for? Just about any type business can benefit from a bikini car wash. Examples might be charities, fund raisers, sports bars, auto parts stores, grand openings, sports clubs, and more.

In order to make a cool bikini car wash happen, our bikini models need a suitable location like a parking lot in a high traffic area, a water hose or two, and some car wash supplies like soap, sponges, towels, vacuums etc... Another tip to make the car wash really pop is advertising. A press release on the local radio station and signage is sure to lure folks your way.

Couple the models with pre-shot car wash posters or calendars and customers won't be wishy-washy about having soapy models all over their car.

For more information about how we can help you kick off a bikini car wash and achieve max exposure please email us with your thoughts. © 2008 Privacy Policy Copyright Policy Site Map